You Can And Should Negotiate Your Severance Pay

Losing your job as a result of a layoff or company closure can be a stressful life event. It is an experience that can leave you reeling and with many questions. How will you provide for your loved ones? How will you pay the bills and make ends meet? While they are not required to, most companies offer severance pay.

If your workforce is being reduced or you were fired because of circumstances not related to your performance, you may receive a severance package. But before signing your release contract and accepting your termination benefits, talk to a lawyer who knows employment law issues. Let me, Joseph Gawlowicz, Attorney, review the contract to ensure that you are getting the best deal available.

Are You Receiving What You Deserve?

Because companies are not obligated to pay you anything beyond your last paycheck upon your dismissal, there is no set amount that they owe you. Employers who do offer severance pay will often base the sum on your length of employment. However, this does not mean that you have to simply settle for the first offer.

An attorney can help you negotiate for:

  • More money if reasonable and justified
  • Payout of unused PTO, holiday leave or sick pay
  • Coverage for medical and dental insurance
  • Assistance with finding a new job

When your future seems uncertain due to the loss of your livelihood, it is more important than ever for you to obtain a full and fair severance package. Trust me to help you get what you deserve today.

Get The Leverage You Need With A Skilled Negotiator

With me as your advocate, we can work to protect your interests whether you have been a rank-and-file employee or an executive. Through my many years of experience working as a New York employment law attorney, I know what to leverage when bargaining with an employer.

To talk to me about my services or to learn more about how I can assist you with your termination benefits, call 585-340-7766. You may also send questions via email. If you would like to speak in person but cannot come to my Rochester office, I can potentially come to you.