If You Have A Wage Discrepancy, I Can Help

You go to work and do your job with the expectation that you will get fairly paid for your time. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. If your employer is skimping on your pay or there is a dispute over your hours, seek the counsel of a lawyer at once.

While clerical errors can occur, more often than not these mistakes are intentional. When your company chooses not to comply with laws that protect your rights as a worker, take legal action. Let me, Joseph Gawlowicz, Attorney, do my best to help you recover unpaid wages and more.

Don't Let Your Employer Continue To Violate Your Rights

Employment law issues can be a tricky area to navigate on your own. For this reason, it is best to work with a skilled attorney who can review the details and advise you on the specifics of your case.

Reach out to me if you believe that:

  • You have been misclassified as an exempt worker (so your employer can avoid paying you overtime) when in fact your duties are similar to those of hourly workers.
  • You are not being adequately compensated for the duties you perform.
  • Your pay does not reflect the overtime hours you have had to work.
  • You are not receiving the minimum wage as dictated by New York state and federal laws.
  • Your employer is deducting too much from your paycheck to account for calculated tips.

Don't continue to put up with being underpaid or exploited. Learn more about how your employer could be violating your rights and how you can defend them today.

Get Started On The Solution You Need By Calling Me Today

Filing a lawsuit against your employer can feel intimidating, but I will assist you throughout the entire process. I have the experience to guide you through it and the knowledge to help you reach a resolution. I can review your contracts or negotiate severance pay on your behalf and advise you on sexual harassment and more.

For a free initial phone consultation, contact me at 585-340-7766 or via my online intake form. Should you require an in-person consultation but are unable to visit my Rochester office, I may be able to come to you.