Construction Injury Cases In Addition To Workers’ Comp

Workers of all kinds on constructions sites face a heightened level of danger. But luckily in New York, there are measures in place that can safeguard your rights as a worker.

If you have suffered an injury while on the job, whether due to the negligence of your employer or a third party, contact me today. Although I do not practice workers' compensation law, I can coordinate a strategy to maximize your financial recovery. Let me, Joseph Gawlowicz, Attorney, review your case. I may refer you to a workers' comp lawyer while working to determine whether you have third-party liability claim. If so, I can bring a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

New York's Unique Scaffold Law And How It Protects Your Rights

Beyond the usual laws meant to ensure that your workplace is safe and you have the equipment you need, the Scaffold Law may apply in your case. Unique to our state, this law, contained in New York State Labor Law 240 addresses the protection of construction workers working at heights.

Scaffold Law claims may involve:

  • Falls from an elevated height
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Improper safety gear and/or training on using it for work at heights
  • Poorly maintained work sites around scaffolds

Usually, workplace accidents fall under the jurisdiction of workers' compensation laws, which prevent lawsuits against employers. But for these types of incidents, you have a right to sue your employer, as well as any negligent third party involved. I have a great deal of experience helping injured workers recover all compensation they are eligible for after they are hurt in workplace accidents.

You Need A Lawyer Willing To Take Your Case To Court

Working with a skilled lawyer can help you increase your chances of a favorable outcome. As a longtime employment law attorney, I have the experience to help you take on the negligent party in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or before a judge and jury.

To start working on your work injury case today, call my Rochester office at 585-340-7766 for your free initial phone consultation today. You can also reach me via email using the online contact form. If you prefer an in-person appointment but cannot come to me, I may be able to travel to you.